Within this little excellent cartoon, created from the world of the renowned MMORPG"Wakfu", you will again meet to your favorite characters - the lovely Princess Amalia and her loyal servant blond Evangelyne. Amalia lies in bed while her buddy attempts to wake up her and does not wish to awaken. The prince loses her self-control and cries at the blond. To be able to boost Amalia's disposition and makeup, Eva decides to have sex with her and give the girl the joy to see her grin. Suddenly, everything goes too far, and Amalia creates an assortment of tentacles that permeate into the wet asses and pussies of the women. After such a hot intercourse, joyful girlfriends are coated with green slime from head to toe. The cartoon is constructed of very significant quality with gorgeous animation and voice acting, and so it will appeal to most fans of this series and even to people who have not heard of it earlier!

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