Hentai Math 7

You need to remember the mathematics of the elementary school of mastery and strain your brains. The heart of this flash game is very ordinary - you must solve mathematical problems. Here are a duo examples - 10 - two =? The correct response is . Or 25 - 19 =? The right reaction is 6. That's all. On the display will probably fly a window in which the tasks will emerge. For each job, take a couple of seconds of time. To answer - type the right response on the numeric keypad and you'll be given a prize - a toon using a big-boobed and perverted hetai girl. The more correct answers you can provide - the more images you may see.

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Busty Math 3

What excites you more - hot anime chicks with big baps or solving tasks? Let's hope that they do this on a pretty equal degree in this game to determine boosb you'll need to solve more math. Ovarall there will be 20 levels. Each will showcase you hot picture with gal with a floating math task. Because for every level you'll have a limited quantity of time try to solve it fast. Once you have solved it type in the response and if it is correct you will get on next level and see another anime porn picture. If the answer was incorrect you'll be thrown one flat back. This game will be an evaluation in your own abitlity to keep your minutes while all your blood will dash to the portion of your life, working. And a notice - looks like numpad numbers aren't currently working utilize number keys.

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