Naked God 2: Dungeon of Love

A hentai variaton of almost any board role-playing game in fantasy setting. In this game you willl be playing just assneaky thief (you can decide what degree your charcter is in case you want - it will not be utilised in the game anyway) who has to crawl through some basement space prison tonight... and he finds indeed something interesting - hot sandy-haired chick who's almost naked, decked in chains and (luckily for you) eyes covered! If fucking hot babe is considered as a decoration then got the jackpot tonight! The game itself is an interactive hentai scene. It's possible to tease this woman, half an hour or fuck her muff or butthole at any rate you will choose (from ) And if you'll be prepared and enjoyment meter will probably soon be filled you can prize her with lots of your hot and gloppy spunk!

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Summoners Quest Ch.1

If you like fantasy rpg games where you can conquer your enemis not following some challenging battle making a thousand clicks in another but just one appropriate answer about the dialog stage then you need to check this game. And if you're fan of"League of Legends" who does not mind to play some hentai match with his favorite charcaters inside then this game is for you as well. This is actually the start of main hero's adventures and it is called"Chapter one - Maiden of the strings". In thi sgame you will meet beautiful girl with a unique musical instrument who gives her more abilities than just producing melodical sounds. This woman will be immediately recognized by all fans of LOL. After some dialogs you will get to match or you will be able to play sexy minigame that will end having a blowjob from her.

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