Lurve lounge

"Lurve lounge" is really a game that besides fun and erotic content also brings idea that condoms are fairly useful if you are looking just funtme and not a few severe consequnces from having bang-out. And also it is an arcade game. What you are likely to perform in this game is to manage your willy. For this you are able to use left and rigth arrow keys. Ofcourse you can shoot the fountain for this use spacebar button. Every time your cumload is going to end up in a protection you'll get ten points! Every single time you will not strike directly into condom you'll get... a baby! After you will get three infants you're from this funny and hot game. The idea is to get maximum points befor ethe period will run out. You then may send link for this game to one of your buddies who still thinks that he is too good for using any condoms.

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Strip Tetris

You like putting figures togethe rin tetris and watching hot sexy blonde getting naked? Then this game is just what you want to do btoh of your favorite items at exactly the same time - and it's titled TetStrip! On one side you will see hot blond stripper dressed in a lil stage costume made from tetris blocks. On the other part of game screen you will see old-school tetris game. Are linked? Well, every time you'll clear two rows into tetris block of stipper's clothing will vanish! It might be as arousing because it'll be distracting so now it is time to check for as long you can continue to keep the concentartion about the game othe rthan the game's prize. For more logical (and other genres) games using manga porn elements you are welcomed to stop by our website!

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